Modern Machinery

Spread on 14.000 square meters of top quality equipped production halls with console and bridge cranes built for manufacturing products weighing up to 100 tons.


Monter Dravograd

was founded in 1947. Today we function as a modern company employing approximately 240 people.

We are actively engaged in manufacturing and constructing special purpose machines, devices and machinery installations throughout various branches of industry. Our production programme incorporates the complete solution (from implementing an idea to making the delivery at the requested location).


The complete solution

Documentation preparation, Sandblasting and cutting, assembly and welding of separate parts, Machining, Painting, Montage, NDT Control, Delivery.

We are using state of the art machines for shearing, cutting and processing sheet metal. All products are finalized with the most recent CNC machine tools.


Quality comes first

Our quality is guaranteed by permanently training and educating our co-workers and modernizing our equipment.

We monitor our products with non-destructive testing, ultrasound, magnetic flux, penetration tests and 3D laser measurements.

A great team.
Outstanding technology.

A competent and qualified team of employees working in hand with the appropriate technical and technological equipment guarantee top quality and punctual realization of requested services and products to our business partners.

Quality and customer satisfaction represent our fundamental values.

Our Vision

We want to become one of the leading European companies in the field of special machinery manufacture constructions and devices in various sectors. We are an industrial manufacturer of special machinery, constructions and devices made to our customers’ blueprints and specifications.

We are also known for our renovation of forklifts, representing an important segment in our production program.



The FD-20S welding robot is suitable for robotic welding of various welding uses.

The welding robot represents an important added value of the company in the field of welding and enables a faster, more accurate and better-quality production of more expansive series of product.


Quality and reliability - MONTER. Confident partner for the future!
We are present in the following markets: Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the United States of America (Chicago, Houston, New York) and are offering services in various branches of industry:

assignment_turned_in  Engineering
assignment_turned_in  Mining

assignment_turned_in  Construction
assignment_turned_in  Shipbuilding

assignment_turned_in  Wood industry
assignment_turned_in  Electrical industry

assignment_turned_in  Automotive industry
assignment_turned_in  Renovation of Forklifts



The horizontal-vertical drilling and milling TOS WRD150 machine is intended for precise drilling and milling of dimensionally large welded products made of iron, cast iron and other steels.

This machine is marked by its accuracy and high efficiency. The characteristics of the machine enable the achievement of the highest possible tolerances and machining of welded products.